Terms of use

Tutoring At Guelph (“TAG”) is an online bulletin board available to University of Guelph students who wish to provide tutoring services (“Tutor”) or who may wish to obtain tutoring services (“Tutee”). Only students who are Tutors and Tutees (collectively referred to as “Users”) will have access to TAG.

In order to post a profile, Tutors will be required to provide their name and University of Guelph email address which will be made available to Users. Tutors will be able to provide additional information on their profile. Profile information is not screened, supervised or recommended by the University of Guelph in any way. The University will not use personal information posted except for statistical usage related to TAG.

Users of this site are responsible for verifying the accuracy of any information provided and for taking all necessary steps to protect their personal information and their personal safety. All financial and other business arrangements are strictly between the Tutor and the Tutee. The University assumes no responsibility for any disputes, losses or claims which arise from the use of TAG.

Profile postings are valid for one semester. At the end of each semester, Tutors who have posted profiles will receive email notice that their profile is set to expire. Tutors who continue as U of G students must either renew their profile or it will be removed.

TAG users must abide by all relevant University policies including but not limited to the Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines, Academic Misconduct, and Human Rights at the University of Guelph.

Failure to abide by University policy may result in the removal of a profile, in the University’s sole discretion.